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AchyutaRaya Temple

This temple can be reached either from Kodanda Rama Temple through the Bazaar wrongly called "Soolai Bazaar" or "Courtesan Street" or from the Virupaksha Bazaar by more ...

Shri Vijaya VitthalaTemple

If one wants to witness the competition between man and Vishwakarma (the Architect God of Hindus), this is the place on earth. Any number of words would fail to do justice to this wonderful monument dedicated to more...

Stone Chariot

Though inside the Vijayavittala Temple complex, the Stone Chariot gets our special attention because it deserves. One will fall short of words if he/she tries to describe the beauty of this wonderful man-made more...

Hazari Rama Temple

Originally, the temple consisted of a sanctum, an ardha mantapa and a pillared hall to which an open porch with tall and more...

Shri Virupaksha Temple

The Virupaksha temple is located at the foot of the hill called Hemakuta Hill is the core of the village of Hampi. The temple, often called Pampapathi temple, is the most sacred of the temples of this place. Historically more...

Ugra Narasimha

This image of Lakshmi-Narasimha, popularly called Ugranarasimha, meaning Narasimha of terrifying countenance, is hewn out of a rock in-situ. According to an inscription more...

Water Channels

The Palace area is dotted with innumerable water tanks of various sizes. In fact, the whole of Hampi ruins has very many water tanks. All these tanks were more...

Elephant Stable

Located outside the Zenana Enclosure, on the East, is an oblong structure of considerable size, called the Elephant stables. Among more...

Prasanna Virupaksha Temple

More popularly known as Underground Virupaksha Temple, this is situated to the west of the Danaik's Enclosure. A large broken loose slab containing an inscription more...

Balakrishna Temple

Krishnadevaraya built this temple in 1513 A.D. to commemorate his victory over Prataparudra Gajapati, the ruler of Orissa. During the battle he seized an image of child Krishna more...

Stepped Tank

One of the beautiful remains in the Durbar area is tile Stepped Tank built in chlorite schist, used by the royals and for religious purposes. The small but neat tank is about 22 more...

Kadalekalu Ganesha Temple

On the slope of Hemakuta Hill, near the Sasivekalu Ganesha is another monolith called in the same vein, the Kadalekalu (gram seed) Ganesha. The huge seated God, carved in the round out of a massive boulder, is about more...

Sasivekalu Ganesha Temple

On the slope of Hemakuta Hill beyond the Krishna Temple, there are two huge stone images of Ganesha. First one is the Sasivekalu Ganesha about 2.4 metres tall and ironically named as Sasivekalu or mustard seed more...

Kings's Balance

To the southwest of Vijayavitthala Temple, one can find the monument popularly known as the King's Balance. It consists of two lofty carved granite pillars about 15 feet more...

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