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Country - India

State - Karnataka, South India

Country Dial Code - 0091 (+91)

Languages spoken

Languages Kannada (the state language of Karnataka) and Hindi (the national language) are widely spoken and accepted. Telugu can also be found in this part of Karnataka. Thanks to the booming foreign tourism, English also has picked up very fast and most of the population (including temple priests) speak English.


Every year, thousands of tourists flock Hampi from all over the world. In the last quarter of the year 2004 alone, there were more than 5000 foreign tourists visiting the place for its cultural and architectural experience. The number of Indian tourists easily crosses 100,000 every year who visit Hampi mostly for its religious importance.

Best time to visit and why

Hampi welcomes tourists all 12 months of a year, only some months are not for the weak hearted. Hampi is at her best between October and March, partly because of the weather and partly because of the <a>special events</a>, held during this period. The summer of Hampi (April - June), exaggerated by the heat containment of Rocky Mountains and high and dry temperatures of up to 45 oC might not be very favourable conditions to experience the best of what Hampi offers. Nor are the rainy months of (July - September) very favourable conditions to be there. The best period, hence, is between October to March. The weather is very pleasant during these months, to coincide with the festivals celebrated grandly in Hampi.

Medical Facilities

The nearest hospital to Hampi is the Government Hospital situated in Kamalapur. The hospital also has emergency first aid, 24 hour maternity service and ambulance facilities. Hampi has a small clinic by a private practitioner.

The hospital authorities can be contacted by telephone at: (08394)241444.

Hospet has better medical facilities with 100 beds and can be contacted at (08394)223488, 222122.

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