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Free air, free water, free sky, free land

If you are looking for a spot to unpack your tent, you are in just the right place - Hampi. The vast free land, the flowing river Tungabhadra and the picturesque hills around Hampi tempt any backpacker to unpack. If you intend to camp in Hampi, make sure you bring your own equipment with you. There are no equipment renting facilities available in Hampi. However, you will find that there are all the necessary accessories available if you know how to make a tent of your own. Things like rope, tarpaulin, bamboo poles, etc. will be available in agricultural village.


Hampi, like all other places in this part of India, has a tropical weather. The summers have hot, dry and dusty mornings with peak temperatures touching 450C while the evenings are not so bad. The winter days are cold but the temperatures are still around 32-360C. In rainy seasons, when it rains, it rains continually for several days, sometimes weeks. This is the season to be avoided for any backpacking adventure since the weather might get really mean leading to a very bad experience.


An experienced backpacker always knows how to find a right spot for a halt. In Hampi, there is no one particular area marked by the authorities for camping and you can camp anywhere you want, provided you do not hinder others. However, we would like to highlight a few points for backpackers coming to Hampi.

  • Choose a platform which is flat and comfortable.
  • Choose area which is convenient if you have to reach someone in case of emergencies (police, hospital, etc) or learn how far they are from where you camp.
  • Avoid camping in the designated heritage site areas, respect them.
  • Beware of wild animals and reptiles; this part of world generally has some poisonous snakes including cobras.
  • Carry a lot of water with you as the weather could be de-hydrating.
  • Carry proper sun guard creams and apply them to prevent yourself from sunburns.
  • The hills around Hampi (Matanga Hill, Hemakuta Hill, etc.) form wonderful scenery during sunrises and sunsets. Try camping on top of these hills for a view of the lifetime.
  • While packing again, please ensure that you do not leave anything behind. Dispose all rubbish at proper place.
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