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A Note For Foreign Tourists
India Visa Requirements

Except for Nepali citizens, entry to India requires a valid Visa. There are several types of Visas devised to cater to various requirements of the foreign community. The basic requirement to applying for a Visa is that the applier should hold a Passport for their country and it should have at least six-month validity from the intended date of departure from India. Different types of Visas are given below. Please decide the right category under which you should apply. Following is just more...

Behaviour At Religious Places

Wearing footwear is strictly prohibited at all Hindu religious places. This includes temples, mutts (religious organisations and/or schools), etc. There generally are signs at the entrance of the temples to take off your footwear and leave it at designated places. Carrying footwear in hands inside the temple is as grave a sin as wearing them inside it. If you fear that you might loose them (which is very common and valid), you may leave them with any merchant near the temple more...


The official currency in India is Indian Rupee. While in India, you are expected to transact only in this currency. Almost all the monetary transactions in the shops happen on Cash basis and credit card is not popular money here. Some merchants and hotels in Hampi accept credit cards. There are several banks in Hampi. These banks also provide cash withdrawals on credit cards. MasterCard and Visa are accepted more...

Driving Rules And Conditions

International Driving Licenses (IDL) also known as International Drivers Permit (IDP) is permitted in India. Any IDL holder can drive for a period of one year. If you have a plan to stay beyond one year, it is compulsory to get an Indian license. The process of getting a license in India involves two phases - learners and permanent. First, you pass a written test to get learner's license on which you can drive under restrictions for up to one year. Before completion of one year more...

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