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Travel By Road

When you spend your holidays in Goa India, make sure to visit Hampi. This place is also a popular destination for vacationers visiting India. There are various means to travel by Road. Some of them are listed below:


Bus State Government Buses ply to Hampi from Hospet every 30 minutes. If you are going from Bangalore, Bellary or Hubli, you will have to go to Hospet by either train or bus and then change a bus there to reach Hampi. There is no reservation on these buses and seats are on a first-come first-serve basis. Of course, there are a few seats reserved for female passengers and should be occupied only by females. A conductor collects the fare for the journey on the bus itself and issues a ticket. If you are travelling by Government bus, please ask and take a ticket. It is illegal to travel on a bus without a ticket. This is true even if you pay the full fare. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ask and have the ticket. If caught, you will be fined by the bus inspector and be embarrassed in front of the whole bus.



Hospet is connected by road to Indian National Highway (NH14). This highway connects Bangalore to Mumbai. All Indian roads - be it national highways or state highways, have a milestone every kilometre. If you are travelling by a private car, reaching Hampi would not be difficult at all. Till Hospet, follow the signs for Hospet or keep watching the milestones, which can be seen every kilometre until you reach Hospet. Once in Hospet, just follow the signs to Hampi.

Thanks to booming tourism and active interest from the Government, Hampi can be located on a map. If you get lost or if you think you are lost, do not panic. Stop the car by the road near a tea-stall and ask the first person you see there. They will be more than happy to guide you. Tea-stalls are abundantly available on this route and serve good quality tea and snacks. Private tourist taxis are available from all parts of India to Hampi. Taxis are also available from Hospet to Hampi. Your vehicle in 90% of the cases will be India's most popular car - Ambassador . You can also hire a taxi from Hospet to Hampi at a very reasonable price.

For more details on Car Rentals, please refer to our Car Rentals section.

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