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Phone and Internet Facilities

In Hampi, internet facilities are available in cafes around the Hampi Bazaar area. The internet centres charge about Rs.50 - Rs.60 per hour. If you go to nearby Hospet, the same and sometimes better service will be available for about Rs.20 per hour. Telephone booths are available in plenty and charge for a call on a Government tariff. Mobile phones do work in certain parts of Hampi but only with BSNL connectivity.

Tourist Information Office

A Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) information office is situated in the main Hampi Bazaar area. The telephone contact for the office is (08394)241339. The incharge of the information centre is Mr.Nagraj. Additional information is also available in all the KSTDC hotels and the KSTDC office in Hospet.

Foreign Exchange, Banks, ATMs and Credit Cards

There are around 15 foreign exchange counters at Hampi near Hampi Bazaar. All the counters are only in this area. All exchanges have Western Union Money Transfers and accept all Travellers' Cheques. US Dollars, GB Pounds and Euros are most popular currencies for forex. Canara Bank, situated in the Hampi Bazaar does a lot of forex.

MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards are accepted by many merchants and banks. Some places also accept Debit Cards. There are no ATMs in Hampi but you can withdraw cash on your Credit Card from the bank.

There are a good number of ATMs in Hospet. Most of them situated near the Bus Stand and near the Railway Station. There are some ATMs in the market which is just about 500 metres from the bus stand.

Police Station

There is one out-post police station at Hampi in Virupaksha temple just at the right hand side of the main entrance. Ph: (08394)241241 (it is a shared phone between the police station and the temple). There will be just 2 constables here beating the duty. The main Police station is situated at Kamalapur opposite the new Bus stand.

Medical Facilities

The nearest hospital to Hampi is the Government Hospital situated in Kamalapur. The hospital also has emergency first aid, 24 hour maternity service and ambulance facilities. Hampi has a small clinic by a private practitioner.

The Kamalapur hospital authorities can be contacted by telephone at: (08394)241444.

Hospet has bigger medical facilities and can be contacted at (08394)223488, 222122.

Post Office

The post office is situated exactly on the left side of the main entrance to the Virupaksha temple just outside its main entrance. The PIN code of post office is 583239. The phone number of the post office is: (08394)241242. The timings are 10.00 AM to 04.30 PM. Post office is closed on Sundays. You can even send international post cards or letters from here.

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