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India Visa Requirements

Except for Nepali citizens, entry to India requires a valid Visa. There are several types of Visas devised to cater to various requirements of the foreign community. The basic requirement to applying for a Visa is that the applier should hold a Passport for their country and it should have at least six-month validity from the intended date of departure from India. Different types of Visas are given below. Please decide the right category under which you should apply. Following is just a guideline and should not be taken as final. Please refer to the Government of India site for Visa Regulations by Clicking Here New Window.

Types of Visas

  • Tourist Visas

Tourist Visas are generally given for a period of 6 months but vary depending on the country of residence. The applicant is required to produce/submit document in proof of his/her financial standing. Tourists travelling in groups of not less than four members under the auspices of a travel agency recognised by Government of India may be considered for grant of collective tourist visa. Even if the Visa is for an extended period, permitted time period of stay in the country at a time is limited to six months. Both single entry and multiple entry Visas are issued for this type.

  • Business Visas

This type of Visa is valid for six months or more with multiple entries. However, the period of stay in each visit is limited to only six months. A letter from the sponsoring organisation indicating the nature of business, probable duration of stay, places and organisations to be visited should be indicated in the application. Also, a guarantee to meet the maintenance expenses while in India should accompany the application. Business Visa valid for ten years with multiple entries is available to foreign businessmen who have set up or intend to set up joint ventures in India.

  • Student Visas

Student Visas are issued for the duration of the academic course of study or for a period of five years, whichever is less. The application for this type of Visa should be accompanied with firm letters of admission from Universities or recognised colleges or educational institutions in India. Change of purpose and institutions are not permissible. Proof of financial arrangements for the studies and the expenses while in India should also be submitted with the application.

  • Employment Visas

Employment Visas are issued to skilled and qualified professionals or persons who are engaged or appointed by companies in India. Applicants are required to submit the proof of contract/employment by the company/organisation. The period of stay for this Visa depends on the nature of employment and the duration of the employment.

  • Missionary Visas

Visas to missionaries are valid for single entry only. The duration of stay is as permitted by Government of India. A letter from the sponsoring organisation containing intended destination in India, probable duration of stay and nature of duties to be discharged should be submitted along with guarantee for applicant's financial maintenance while in India.

  • Journalist Visas

As the name suggests, these Visas are issued to professional journalists and photographers. The duration of the Visa is generally three months but can vary according to the program of journalists.

  • Conference Visas

Conference Visas are issued for attending conferences, seminars or meetings in India. The Visa application should be accompanied by a letter of invitation from the organiser of the conference. Delegates coming to attend conferences may combine tourism with attending conferences.

  • Transit Visas

Transit Visas are issued for a maximum period of 15 days with single/double entry facilities to bonafide transit passengers only.

Some Related Information

Further details about the fees structure for Visas and other details can be obtained from the official website of the Government of India, Consular Passport and Visa DivisionNew Window

There are travel agents who can help you apply for your Visa. One such site is http://www.india-visa.com New Window.

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