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Car Rentals

The concept of Car Rental in India is very different and primitive from countries like Japan, Great Britain and U.S.A. In India, Car Rental, in almost all cases, means a chauffer drive or in other words a long distance taxi. Big western names like Avis, Europcar and Budget operate in India through their licensees. But even then, the concept of Indian Car Rentals still remains the same. Moreover, these long distance taxis come much cheaper than self-driven Car Rentals, which are available in very short numbers.

The experience of self-driven rentals might not be very pleasant if you are new to Indian style of driving. If you are a foreigner, please refer to our Foreign Tourists section for driving rules and license requirements in India.

The pricing of these rentals is done either on the basis of distance you would be travelling or on a fixed price per day basis. The driver charges, generally, form a very small percentage of the rate but may not be a part of it. It is very strongly advised to ask if the price includes driver's service charge and other inclusions/exclusions. There are no one-way taxis. The taxi brings you back to where you started from or charges you for the return journey and drops you off wherever you want.

The fleet generally consists of Ambassador, the most popular car in India but you might get newer cars also, including Air-Conditioned which would be very useful if you are visiting Hampi in summer. The sector is largely unorganised and does not provide much of the facilities like online reservation or just a website with contact information. The best source of information at any point of time can be obtained only at the taxi stand of a city.

To reach Hampi, the best means would be to catch a bus from any place to Hospet and catch a taxi from there to Hampi. This would be economical and eco-friendly. Taxis in Hospet are available year-round at a very reasonable price at the taxi stand.

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