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Bike Rentals

This is one of the most convenient and popular means of travel if you know how to ride a two-wheeler. Bikes of all kinds and sizes are available on rentals at Hampi and Hospet. You can hire these for a very low price and roam around the Golden ruins for much cheaper price and convenience.

There are several shops in the main Hampi Bazaar (the market near Hampi Virupaksha Temple or the Bus Stand) area providing Bike Rentals. The fleet varies from Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle to Luna/TVS Mopeds to Hero/Atlas bicycles. Note that bicycles in India are generally not geared and the geared ones are considerably costly. So, expect only non-geared bicycles.

The Royal Enfield Bullet is one of the oldest and most popular motorcycles in India, especially in the South. The bike boasts of a strong body and great power for a rugged and durable use on the Indian roads. It also is one of the oldest bikes in India with over three decades of wonderful history. This costliest motorcycle to rent will become yours for a small amount of Rs. 200 - 250 per day. These bikes would be useful if you rent them for an extended tour of Hampi and surroundings. As mentioned earlier, the bike has a strong body and very well designed shock absorbers making your journey very pleasant even on some of the worst roads.

If you are planning for a small trip just in and around Hampi and intend to return within the same day, it is better if you hire a moped. These are of smaller engines and can carry 2 people without any struggle. The cylinders are generally in the range of 60-100 CC and can be rented from just Rs. 150 per day. These come in very handy if you are not used to shift-gear vehicles and are convenient with automatic-gears.

Next best thing to rent in Hampi is a bicycle (especially for eco-friendly people). These start at Rs. 100 per day and can be tiring at times to pedal all over Hampi. If you claim you are strong headed and brave hearted, take a chance and see if you can enjoy Hampi on a bicycle. There are several variations of this piece of work available.

As soon as you land in Hampi, you will find several shops in the Hampi Bazaar offering you the vehicles. Check the vehicle condition and take a test ride before you actually start your rental. It will help you feel comfortable with the bike and the ride.

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